Multi-purpose materials
made from waste glass

Considering a waste glass not as a waste but as a new resource, super sol, which is artificial porous- lightweight-foamed material (pumice), is produced by crushing, baking and foaming waste glass. It can be used for multi purposes, such as greening, insulation, horticulture, purification, construction, civil engineering, etc., and is a high value-added product playing an inevitable role in forming recycling society.

Future material “Super Sol”

Super Sol is artificial pumice that was born from the waste glass.Because of the porous hollow, very light and easy construction. So are applications such as building materials for civil engineering, green coating materials, agricultural materials

Civil engineering

Waste glass recycling plant

Waste glass recycling plant is fully automated and producing supersol. It is possible to freely control specific gravity and absorption rate and excellent at maintenance.

Because we like the rich nature of Okinawa, based on the motto “it would be a waste, if you throw it away, but it would be a resource if you utilize it”, we are contributing to environmental protection. We, Trim Co., Ltd. are making future with our technology.